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Work permit

Din juristbyrå assists companies and jobseekers in Sweden with the application process for a work permit for the employment of a person from both Sweden and another country outside the EU. The entrepreneur and the jobseeker avoid all time-consuming bureaucracy and cumbersome regulations against the authorities, and receive a complete and correct application to maximize the possibility of a positive decision from the Swedish Migration Board.

Depending on the financial company's finances and the background to the intended employment / jobseeker, we make an initial review and assessment of the case. If we believe that the case has a good chance of being granted by the Swedish Migration Board according to their regulations, we are happy to undertake the task of handling and being responsible for the case all the way from the preparations to a final decision from the Swedish Migration Board. If we and the customer agree in this situation, a quote is sent which the customer approves before we start the process.

We undertake to perform the following:

  • Preliminary analysis and suggestions for the right solution for you.
  • Advertising the service in the right way.
  • Inform you of required documents.
  • Examination of documents received.
  • Prepare and produce an employment offer in accordance with the applicable collective agreement.
  • Obtain a union opinion from the trade union concerned.
  • Prepare and submit a complete application to the Swedish Migration Board.
  • Manage any contacts with the Swedish embassy in the country concerned and inform the applicant about when and where to leave biometrics.
  • Inform you about the necessary insurance and other preparation for the employee's arrival
  • Receive any inquiries from the Swedish Migration Board and satisfy any supplementary requests.
  • Follow up the case continuously with the Swedish Migration Board and inform you about the status until a decision is made.

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