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Asylum means refuge. When you apply for asylum, it means that you seek protection in a country other than your home country. If you want protection in Sweden, you must submit your application for asylum to the border police when you travel into Sweden, or to one of the Swedish Migration Agency's application units. It is not possible to apply for asylum before you have arrived in the country.

As an asylum seeker, you often have the right to a free lawyer or lawyer - a public counsel. You always have the right to request which public counsel you want when you apply for asylum in Sweden. If you do not want a special lawyer, the Swedish Migration Agency will select a public counsel for you. It is very difficult to change public counsel when you have already been assigned one by the Swedish Migration Board. Therefore, it is wise to request a public counsel immediately when applying for asylum, if you want any special counsel by his side during the process. All lawyers at the Asylum Bureau work as public assistants and it is good to announce that they want us when applying for asylum.

The Swedish Migration Agency pays for the lawyer from the actual decision to appoint the lawyer as public counsel in the case. All contact with a lawyer or jurist before you have received a decision on public counsel, you pay privately for. It is possible to book a meeting with us if you need legal advice before an asylum application. We follow the Swedish Courts Administration's fee for all private counseling and sometimes you can get legal aid for these meetings. Contact us for price information, booking a meeting or for questions prior to the actual application for asylum.

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